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Mewar Elevators


Welcome to Mewar Elevator the professional team in home & industry based lift solutions. We established in 2013 since now we have completed around 50 plus site with customer satisfactory. We have 15 nos engineer team they have keen knowledge in lift setup and assembling. We have huge network in all over the Rajasthan we can do any operation anywhere in Rajasthan infect we had completed many site out of Udaipur. Our main motive is completing site with International standards. Our priority is your caring we take all safety measurement during working. Kindly invite us once to get your home and industrial lift solutions.


Passenger Elevator
Passenger Elevator INR 0 INR 0 Passenger Elevators – Features Adjustable Door Opening & Closing TimeAlarm ButtonCar Call Cancellation at Terminal StopAttendantDirection Arrow and Position Indicator on all StopsHome LandingPhase Failure and Phase Reversal ProtectionRepeated Door Closing in the event of Lock FailureDoor Protection by Light Beams (2 Beams)Door Protection by Light CurtainEmergency LightingIntercom Car to Machine RoomOverload IndicatorAutomatic Rescue DeviceCompulsory StopDuplex, Triplex, Quadruplex ControlDirection Pre-announcing with Arrival GoingOpposite Door Operation True 1518868871
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Vinayak Nagar, Opp. Meldi Mata Gate
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